GE Proteus X-ray

GE Proteus XR/a

About the Product

The Proteus XR/a radiographic system offers the flexibility to choose a configuration based upon your specific requirements. It can help expand your x-ray potential through digital upgrades and product configuration options.

It is an affordable, high-quality general radiographic system with freedom of movement and configurations for a wide range of tables, wall stand, wheelchair, and stretcher examinations. Its robust design helps ensure outstanding reliability in demanding environments, making the Proteus XR/a well suited for general purpose radiography in hospitals, clinics, and private offices.   

By adding the DR Imaging Option to your existing analog Proteus XR/a system, you’ll have a digital solution that consists of a wireless detector, acquisition workstation, and system interface unit that can be integrated into your existing and new Proteus XR/a rooms. The FlashPad wireless digital detector can be shared between compatible GE x-ray systems, making it an investment in the future.   


FlashPad Specifications: 

  • Detector Size 41 cm x 41 cm
  • Active Matrix 2022 x 2022 pixels
  • Image Depth 14 Bit
  • Pixel Pitch 200 microns
  • Typical Dynamic Range 0.6 uR – 7.8 mR @ RQA5
  • Typical DQE 68% (@ 0lp and RQA5, per IEC 62220-1)
  • Available options include: Wireless, Docked, or tethered