OptiVantage Power Injector for CT Systems

OptiVantage Power Injector

About the Product

Description: Designed for CT procedures, the OptiVantage Power Injector contrast delivery system features the industry's only fully programmable power-head, allowing technologists to stay with their patients throughout injection preparation; providing enhanced ease, convenience, speed, and patient side safety. OptiVantage Power Injector unique, user-friendly LCD power-head is fully programmable at the remote console, allowing technologists to change protocols, perform saline injections, fill syringes and much more with just the touch of a button. Special safety features include Tilt Enable, which allows an injection to occur if the proper sequence has been followed and the power-head is tilted downward to reduce the risk of embolism. The injection system accommodates both 200 mL disposable and 125 mL Ultraject prefilled syringes, with easy front loading and removal.

Product Name: OptiVantage Power Injector
Modality: CT
Manufacturer: Covidien / Mallinckrodt
System: OptiVantage Power Injector for CT Systems